Sunday, June 24, 2007

Email: Avoid disillusionment [EH]

Bad photos seem to infect about one-fifth of all online denizens, men mostly. Just scroll through some profiles and you'll see some very scary photos!

Or don't. If online is not working for you and you feel disillusioned, then you should damn well not touch another profile to save your life. If you ever feel like your heart is broken and you just can't keep doing something, then you should have STOPPED DOING THAT THING LONG AGO. Just my opinion but it's the same opinion of anyone whose heart hasn't melted down into an unusable pile of slag.

Time heals all wounds. Just get off this online thing and take care of yourself. This means don't let your heart feel broken again. Don't feel like you deserve a certain response for your efforts. Love is not like a vending machine. It is like passing clouds. You never know when you will see a bunny ... or a horsedrawn carriage...


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