Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prayers: Holy House Prayer

Hail Blessed Mary, Mother of the word Incarnate, in thy humble house in Nazareth, in Walsingham, and in Houston. Teach fathers, mothers, and children to live as you did in your married life; making with thy spouse and child a peaceful home in material simplicity. Grant us to make our own home an uncluttered shrine of loving kindness and mutual charity.

O Mary ever-virgin, teach us who live alone and in uncertainty, as you did while a widow in declining years, to cherish the solitude and interior stillness wherein we come to love the life of prayer. Teach us in the holiness of a chaste life to dwell even on this earth in intimate fellowship with the most Blessed Trinity. Obtain for us even in loneliness the grace of serene trust and loving submission to God's will, so that our final end may be a joyful homecoming.

Grant me, O Lady of Walsingham, in grief or in gladness, in want or in wealth, never to grieve the Holy Ghost dwelling in the temple of my body and soul: forgiving wrongs; cheerfully doing good without expectation of thanks or praise. Obtain for me all graces for which I am not wise enough to ask; self-discipline steadfastly to guard my speech and to possess my soul in patience; and wisdom ever to trust in the Divine Mercy of thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ, the Providence of the Eternal Father, and the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Amen


At 11:03 PM, Anonymous pookie said...

This is a beautiful prayer. Thank you for posting it and for telling people about your discovery of the parish. Congratulations on finding a spiritual home.


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