Friday, March 12, 2010

Netflix: Delete our posts, will you?

I'll tell you what frosts me: Not only does Netflix take away its own most valuable features -- that most distinguish it from the swill pit that is Blockbuster -- and replace them with a vapid cosmetic redesign ... but they DELETED the first 150 comments here (including my two carefully worded treatises on what Netflix members are now missing)! So not only do they want to lobotomize the system and dumb down the user experience but they want to whitewash it over so others do not know the score! Well as I said they are clearly and systematically conducting a campaign against those members who have for years brought great depth and breadth to the Netflix user experience. Without the best-written member reviews and lists, what do you have? Roger Ebert reviews and Netflix's idiotic movies-of-interest algorithms (where Blue's Clues suggests Witch Trials of Salem and blanket-marking all wrestling films as Not Interested gets you multiple suggestions for wrestling titles). Go figure!


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