Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Oscar picks for 2015

Next year: Resolve to find more than 20 minutes in transit at a Starbucks to make my Oscar picks (just before I leave for the Oscars party). Resolve to bring a laptop or iPad so I can see the trailers that now presents but (surprise) does not show on the iPhone. Resolve to bring earbuds so I could actually hear said trailers over the familial hubbub of a jammed java joint. 

This has been a tighter year than ever so that I have only seen a record low of 3 films among the field of Oscar nominees (Bridge of Spies on the silver screen, Inside Out and recently The Martian on DVD). Still, I grasp at straws and guess -- and put it out there. Let's see how it goes. 

New format since Forbes and Oscars chose to Balkanize their nominee lists: I'm checking off a ballot from and snapping photos. Post-show actual winners will be denoted by circles or underlines. Good luck with your picks!


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