Friday, September 23, 2016

Email: Tech S[up]port

Missive to tech support [company name replaced with "you"]:

Nine days since my problem report, which I have repeated to you in four different ways, hoping for comprehension, yet still with no helpful response from [you].

So today I am spending the second hour wrestling with this, no help from [you]. I check the Firefox browser's Tools menu, Add-ons submenu, where I find [software] is in need of an update (that it never mentioned to me, despite nearly every other plug-in I have ever used in 20 years performs, or at least asks to perform, auto-updates). I click Update. Oh, and Sync. (Though it said it was synced, the iOS apps were still out of sync.)

Next I found the Intuit password that I had entered into the desktop version (remember how this whole thing started?) now appears in my [...] apps on my iPhone and iPad. Better yet, a Pokemon password I had just entered in my iPhone now appears on my iPad and iMac. The Web app still did not show these changes. Within 5 minutes, after logging back in, it did, however.

So if someone tells you their browser plug-in has stopped working after an OS [...] update, may I suggest you ask them to check the Add-ins menu and verify the [...] plug-in is up-to-date? It's a fairly obvious solution, now that I look back at it. I was just so busy trying to do my own job. Not [yours].


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