Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Email: Speaking is writing out loud [KF]

I'm sorry your parents are gone now (and your mother so recently). The passing of my maternal grandmother and a paternal aunt have caused me to consider my thoughts on death and heaven quite personally. My mother, for instance, believes that her mother can hear her thoughts, while I find that [uncomfortable], though I suspect she can hear my words as I speak them aloud.

You might find that teaching, training and speaking is more fulfilling than writing on paper or screen. (Think of it as writing out loud.) You get to think on your feet and see people's response (or lack of it) immediately. I love to make my students laugh. Think about it, as it seems well suited to you. Of course you need to write in order to prepare for a class anyway -- and you can always write articles and books in support of it. The question to ask is: What would you teach?

I daydream of being a full-time speaker and presenter, and my partner as well, covering materials that are complementary to each other. Being personable is the one path to career growth that doesn't seem to be affected by the economy.


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