Sunday, July 17, 2005

Websites: Straight Talk about Graduate School

Straight Talk about Graduate School - Dorothea Salo: "For those considering graduate school, I intend this to be helpful advice and a series of necessary warnings. For those in graduate school who hate it, I want to offer support, validation, and strength, as well as a few hints for getting out of their difficulties. For those who have left graduate school, I hope I convey understanding and camaraderie. For those who teach in, advise in, or run graduate departments, I intend this as a reprimand and a challenge to do better."

(Dorothea and David Salo are the academics' academics and I am pleased to link to their website and weblog. Dorothea's essay is articulate and accurate at great length, and I recommend it to anyone who is, was or would be a participant in the academic life.)


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