Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Email: Cocoon or hard-to-get? [Sy]

I'm not sure whether you're drawing a cause-and-effect picture regarding work and your social life. You say you're shying away from going out; is this because you have enough work that you have no free time, or are you using work as a filler because you prefer to "cocoon" inside rather than go out and meet others? Far be it from me to try to psychoanalyze a social aversion; sometimes we pull into our shell because of bad experiences or we're just tired of trying. [Usually a man will not choose] to pursue a woman who says she doesn't want to go out. For your turn, if this is a hard-to-get play to see how fervently [a man will] pursue you, don't even go there; [usually a man] prefer[s] a confident, emotionally stable woman to one [he is] supposed to manipulate into being willing to do what she was supposedly wanting to do by joining a dating site. It is your responsibility to choose your friends and dating partners.


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