Friday, September 14, 2007

Press: Disaster blew in as town slept - HC

(Just off the coast of Galveston, Humberto turned from a tropical depression [Wed 10 am] to a tropical storm six hours later [Wed 4 pm], then hit the Texas coastline at High Island on the Bolivar Peninsula as a Category 1 hurricane eight hours later [12 midnight] -- all one hour southeast of Houston, where I never saw a drop of rain and we had a clear blue sky the following morning. Yikes!)

Disaster blew in as town slept - Houston Chronicle:

"'I thought we'd be picking up branches and limbs today,' said Sonnier, 59.

Instead, she stood on a damp exposed slab in her living room Thursday morning, peering through the missing ceiling at a partly cloudy sky. Like Payton, Sonnier and her husband have no homeowners insurance for their modest frame house.

'This is where I grew up. This is my family home. It was like a waterfall coming over the back wall,' she said, fighting back tears before struggling to see a bright side. 'I wanted to redo my living room anyway.'"


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