Thursday, July 07, 2005

Media: Fools for terrorism at CNN

After unfortunate months of blah-blah-blather on Michael Jackson and Natalee Holloway, to the great neglect of actual new stories, today's marathon coverage of the terrorist bombings in London carries CNN's freneticism to a new pitch.

I'm unsure yet whether it is in part creating or merely reflecting the national mood, but Soledad O'Brien's racing, stuttering jumble of words is a sorry excuse for journalism and sounds more as if she'd just escaped from the tube with her life. Similarly, the rampant chatter and questions for transit authorities nationwide sounds an alarmist tone that smacks of sensationalism and cedes the agenda to the terrorists.

I would be much more pleased if Pres. Bush had not merely called citizens to be "extra vigilant" (as if bombs were somehow slated to break out in American cities nationwide) but had said, "We call on citizens to do what we've always asked them to do: Go on with your lives, but be vigilant against suspicious activities such as unattended packages. Together with our law enforcement and transit authorities, we can and will prevail for freedom and the American way."


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