Saturday, June 30, 2007

Email: Health above romance [EH]

Yes, we’re good [email] friends -- and not by volume of words but by their depth and the trust that’s behind them [I would hope].

I take people’s (esp. women’s) words at face value and try to address them frankly. It may take a while to figure out (but I’m getting better at it) that others’ repetitions are not because they forgot [something] but because they’re insecure.

Seek health more than romance. Desire fitness above intimacy. People look for someone else to make themselves happy but true happiness comes from taking care of yourself. First things first. Who risks their health (by not exercising, seeing the doctor, etc.) just to find a relationship that may not be based on true love much less a lasting one? We need to want to live more than [to] love. First things first.

Jason’s Deli is delish and, yes, we have them here.


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