Sunday, June 24, 2007

Email: Prince among frogs [EH]

I'm glad I make you (and others) laugh -- I'd hate to be a sad sack (or maybe if I was I just wouldn't know enough to care either way).

Don't think you missed any such boat. Plenty of people get married in later years. I believe we can each of us do what we want to do and choose to do (desire and motivation yields action).

NEVER give a superficial person any credence -- I had to learn that in business. If someone won't put their name on their opinion, their opinion means nothing. If someone won't act professionally, their business relationship (money) is worth nothing. STOP counting how many men have passed you by -- if they are looking for only eye candy or airheads, forgive me but WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CARE what stupid choices they make? Focus on recognizing Prince Charming when you meet him, not [on] counting every frog in the festering swamp that online dating has apparently become.


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