Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Oscar picks for 2016 (17* of 24)

I now realize that, in the greater rush of making my picks this year (10 minutes before the show began), I marked those movies that I thought should win with a checkmark, and those that I thought would win with a slight underline. This is a departure from my annual tradition, which is to predict which movies will actually win: second guesses do not count. So while I picked 8 out of 24 categories correctly, thinking of the nominees I thought should win, I also picked another 9 (for a total of 17 out of 24) categories correctly, thinking of the nominees I thought would win. In any case, I am putting an asterisk alongside the number 17, because I diverged slightly from the usual selection methodology, and conflating the two numbers is not strictly fair. (If you think about it, the picks I thought should win, that I picked correctly, actually make the picks I thought would win, incorrect!)

In any event, I picked La La Land for Best Picture, but thought Moonlight might get picked instead. Huh!


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