Saturday, July 01, 2006

Email: The Duh Vinci Code [AA]

The author [of The Da Vinci Code] is a twit, but an intelligent twit; like the guy who wrote The Celestine Prophecies, he knows how to blend controversial (and untrue) material into a bestseller (largely to people who don't have common sense or a grounding in history or theology). You can see my reviews of the movie and one of the documentaries that debunk it on my movie weblog, Moviette.

I remember the mosquitoes in Colombia: gargantuan compared to the ones in Minnesota (much less Texas), and their bites left quarter-sized thick welts in your arms -- that oozed blood. They're spraying hard against West Nile in [north] Houston now, though.

Email: Ciao baby [CM]

Some disreputable men may use the same words that a sincere man does, that's a risk [he has] to take. That's why it depends on the context (of the relationship) too.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Language: none sits

Which is correct?

none of your people sit on it for more than a day
none of your people sits on it for more than a day

In other words, does none denote the singular or the plural?
Is no-one singular? (How can it be if it's not even one?)
Are no-one or none singular?
Are no-one and none singular?
Is no-one or none singular?

Musings: Irritable Brain Syndrome

When someone has become virtually a full-time curmudgeon or cranky person, you could say they are suffering from IBS -- Irritable Brain Syndrome.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Email: EZTAG Support

I tried printing your (it turns out) one-page application agreement. The office printer set off printing. After several dozen pages, I checked the print queue. The page count was at 880 and climbing!

I had to manually shut the printer down because the queue wouldn't let me cancel it.

Your ineptly programmed Web site was going to keep printing hundreds, even thousands, of copies of a one-page agreement--until we ran out of paper or power--and the only thing stopping it was that I hadn't yet left for the day!

Please fix this blatant and wasteful error.

Web: When bad names happen to innocent babies

Here's a record of the indignancies that clueless parents inflict on innocent infants: Jaxson, Antwon, Karryllinne, Kenadeigh, Nicklaus Santana, and so on. Geeyaw, people!