Saturday, April 22, 2006

Email: Singles and dachsies [V]

I think single people tend to work more because we take our careers seriously. Married folks have a family so they draw a line as to how far they will go; what do single people have to draw a line with? Their garden? Their pets? Their hobbies? Their social life? I wish every single person could find or settle on a “mission in life” -- something grand, overarching and important that would keep work and career from trying to take over all their free time.

Don’t worry about how often you write; just do your best. I never [write] as much as I’d like but it is always the best I can do.

[Dachsies] are not too much work esp. if you can let them run in a yard. I need to take mine out 2-3 times a day but that’s not so bad. Having an extra snuggler is worth it! Kids can learn and find joy from having a dog. I think you should give in to your daughter. Every family member is always a bit of extra work, but each one also contributes more than they require. Love increases when we give it away.

Proverbs: Visiting family, while nice, is not a vacation

Proverbs: It's not a date until the teenage daughter calls on the cell phone

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Proverbs: There will always be errors as long as software or humans are involved

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Law: Jeff Skilling is a lying snake

Enron ex-CEO Jeff Skilling continues to lie and spin the truth in court. He can't remember anything regarding evidence and testimony that roundly incriminates him even as he smirks and pedantically portrays himself as smarter than everyone else in the room. He is continuing the classic Enron head game, going toe-to-toe in a power play and a contest of wills against Prosecutor Sean Berkowitz.

Piece of advice, Jeffy? You do not get to profess or pronounce your own innocence. You answer the questions, then let the judge and the jury decide what we already know: You're as guilty as sin. Stop trying to guild the lily, you control-freak bastard.

Humor: Federal drug testing

Federal drug testing guidelines depict a urine specimen container called the I-Cup. Any grade school kid would see the joke by spelling the term out loud: I-C-U-P. (Thanks EKW.)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proverbs: My (location) is a certified sequin-free zone

Proverbs: Chocolate--ain't it a kick?

Neologisms: clonk out, clonked out

A conflation of conk out and clock out. To crash or fall asleep, but unexpectedly so.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Email: Low-impact dating [K]

A week after meeting each other is pretty fast to begin a "committed" relationship. I think relationships get complicated because men and women pursue their wants or needs instead of coming together on a no-nonsense plan that is workable for both of them. The goal should be "low-impact dating" first, not ultimately driving each other crazy with one-sided demands.

I think you should both discuss and define what is meant by "long-term" and "relationship." And whether exclusivity is in the bargain. Men are strange, and frankly even when they profess exclusivity, you don't always know for sure. The best solution is just talking things through. Nothing wrong with that, huh?

Food: Harry Potter Jelly Bellys

My youngest son is sampling a box of Harry Potter Jelly Bellys with me. I get to eat the Black Pepper because he doesn't want it; the Grass is reminiscent of new-mown rhizomes; the Vomit is redolent of warm spit; the Soap almost lathers in your mouth; the Bacon is hard to find a cachet after the Soap; so we rinsed our palates with the Cinnamon. We had a consensus though to just forgo taste-testing the Booger, the Dirt, the Earthworm, the Earwax, the Rotten Egg, the Sardine. OK, just one Sardine. Ugh!