Saturday, July 26, 2008

Email: Netflix Community

A percentage of any population will not notice something that is right in front of their noses. By definition (or something), they seem unable to read or to pay attention. Now, educators will call this "an alternative learning style" but those of us who do, in fact, read, have to point out that less learning is going on with the alternative style.

I know the deaf culture. Some seek out the information they need while others (for the usual human reasons) seem to prefer "drama" and will create it when necessary. I know why this person did not like the singing -- it's a waste of time when compared with dialog -- but to any observer, it just seems silly to criticize a church choir movie for all the singing. My rule of thumb: Does the person find something to criticize, or praise, about a movie (or a person) first -- or only?

I don't trust reviewers whose sole motivation for watching anything is nudity or sex. What they want is not "movies" but "porn."