Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weather: 44 for 43 degrees

I didn't actually go outdoors this morning when I let Twerpette out. Still, the grass had a look and the air had a feel that said 44 degrees to me. A check of said the temperature was 43 degrees -- and feels like 43 degrees, with the confounding humidity down to 50%.

Weather: 62 for 63 degrees

It's getting chilly enough in Houston for me to nostalgically test the accuracy of my inner thermostat and assess more than guess the temperature of the winter morning while I walk Twerpette. Even so, it's been 11 months; my weather sense felt rusty. Friday morning I started with a guess of 58 degrees then considered 59 degrees but finally settled on 62 degrees. (Humidity can play havoc with a winter sense in Houston.) This time I didn't go indoors to check the temperature on the Web; my Saturn has a temp readout. It said 66 degrees. Close but no prize.

Correction: I just checked Friday's weather online while preparing today's weather post. reports the temperature for the first half of that morning as 63 degrees with 97% humidity. I'll take the giant stuffed panda, please.