Saturday, February 09, 2008

Email: Waitress [ML]

Does "chick flick" mean that only women *can* enjoy it or that you should not have enjoyed it but found it in you to like it anyway? Is it a putdown or a generalization that you grew beyond this time?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Email: Caution when driving [ML]

That's one thing I've learned over time is how sour some people can be[come,] so courtesy etc. is all the more important. Don't tick anyone off while driving or online!

Email: Conscientious objector [JN]

Please don't sign me up for [your] social network; I've tried dozens over the past 10+ years and I'm done with them because only 3% of all people [my age] are organized enough to use them as much as I would and [no one younger communicates with a person my age.] I don't plan to be on dozens of social networks anyway.

Also please don't include my email address in the To: field so that the whole downstream world (including spammers) also gets my personal address.

As it is I have to opt out now or they will probably (like many others) start sending me reminder emails. (See your terms of service, I'll bet it says they can email me in your name whenever they want, ostensibly to send reminders.) And I can't do so from work because the firewall blocks social networks and "reports" me to IT if I try [as it does with most people who work for a larger company nowadays].

Bottom line: I'm a nonparticipant in bulk emails and social networks [as a rule]. Anyway it's a good idea to use the Bcc: (blind copies) field when sending bulk email to your other friends. Bulk email is the main way that spammers get people's email addresses. Word to the wise.

Email: John Michael Toby Brooks [MG]

I can't keep those country names and songs straight. John Michael Curtis Lee Kenny Clint Clay Toby Keith Chesney Paisley Brooks Dunn Montgomery Walker Hill McGraw? She's Everything I Want, Need, Love, Pine For, Sing About and Can't Get Enough Of?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Holidays: Easter is March 23

Easter - Wikipedia:

"In the Western Church, Easter has not fallen on the earliest of the 35 possible dates, March 22, since 1818, and will not do so again until 2285. It will, however, fall on March 23 in 2008, but will not do so again until 2160. Easter last fell on the latest possible date, April 25, in 1943 and will next fall on that date in 2038. However, it will fall on April 24, just one day before this latest possible date, in 2011.

The cycle of Easter dates repeats after exactly 5,700,000 years, with April 19 being the most common date [...]."

Email: Netflix Support

Title request: Lexx: The Dark Zone (1997) and Lexx (1997), Season 1

Email: Netflix Support

Title request: The Secret Life of Us (2001), Seasons 1-4


Email: Netflix Support

Title request: Clockwork Mice (1995)

Press: John Cleese - AV Club

John Cleese - The A.V. Club:

"So how can you have an egotistical organization trying to teach a non-egotistical ideal? It makes no sense, unless you regard religion as crowd control. What I think most organized religion—simply crowd control."

(Cleese is not faulting religion per se but religion done badly, i.e., egotistically.)