Saturday, August 26, 2006

Language: cranial-rectal syndrome

A Dear Abby correspondent today referred to a stupid adult trick committed by someone with "cranial-rectal syndrome" (head up the ass). I hadn't come up with or heard that one yet!

Email: Two kinds of logic [CH]

There are different kinds of people: those who seek truth (integrity), those who seek experience (pleasure), those who seek connection (intimacy), those who seek influence (power). So some people get a rush out of drama in a relationship, for their own reasons--the emotional experience, or it's the only way they know to sustain a(n admittedly dysfunctional) relationship they don't want to lose. Anyway most humans are not that logical; we are more emotional than logical beings--and there is intellectual logic as well as emotional logic!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Email: Netflix Support

Title request: Another Gay Movie

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Email: Netflix Support

Title request: La Femme Nikita, Season 5

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Email: Men and assumptions [CH]

I'm a man: I always frame the question and its terms before answering it. Men don't like assumptions (unless they're the ones making them).

Weblogs: Evolution of desktops

It doesn't include the Commodore Amiga, Apple Lisa, Atari TOS, or various UNIX flavors (Redhat and so on), but this is a nice (even nostalgic) comparison of computer desktops' evolution.

Press: Emmy Awards we'd like to see

MSN TV - 2006 Emmy Awards: "Best Acid-Washed Zingers: Hugh Laurie's retorts on 'House.' Sample: Dr. Cameron: 'Men should grow up.' Dr. House: 'Yeah. And dogs should stop licking themselves. It's not gonna happen.'"

Email: The (original) L word [CH]

I wouldn't try to compare or analyze, just accept what is. Love is a different thing between a man and a woman. [RS] told me, "Use the L word with great caution to a woman, because for us it has eternity built into it."

Monday, August 21, 2006

Nature: Blue heron redux

The blue heron (or someone like him) was scoping out the SE corner of the vacant field north of the public library while I was trying to interest Twerpette in a patch of grass late Saturday night. After some time it swooped south but just over the fence to land again slightly east in an adjacent fenced quadrant.

Musings: It can't help to look

Do you ever type or utter something just as your brain skips a beat, then realize your word choice turned out to be the opposite of what you intended? I just wrote MG "It can't help to look" before I saw help where I meant hurt. It's not a Freudian slip either, because my mind often reaches into a grab bag of related vocabulary then, while I'm looking the other way, picks out a word other than what I intended. This phenomenon may also be aided by an injudicious lack of sleep.

Email: Taking charge of basics [SD]

This is about taking charge of your life and deciding what is important for you. This is one of the basics. You are in control of this. Trust the Lord, fine, but don't use that as a substitute for action. Faith is not about talk without action, ever.

Media: William Shatner, burn in heck

So I caught the last 10 minutes of the William Shatner roast. (Blue language bleeped apparently includes "c-nt" but not "d-ck.") I sort of chuckled twice. I'm glad all those has-beens had a good yuck-up. (On that note, enough with the gay jokes.) Seriously, I respect "William Tiberius Shatner" for all he has done, and for how honest and self-deprecating he's been about his whole career. (He'd have to be.) God love you, Bill; Lord knows, we all do!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Email: Manipulative jerk [EH]

Men deserve a bad rap if they truly act irresponsibly (and the many stories I hear all qualify). At the same time, I doubt women who manipulate men are being honest about their part in the equation. An impartial observer can tell who is being the manipulative jerk -- man or woman. It's about selfishness not sincerity, taking not giving, twisting not bending, imposing an agenda instead of live and let live.

Email: Salmon balls... [KF]

Salmon sure is delish! I could take a (very long) line from Forrest Gump and start intoning "Salmon burgers, salmon salad, salmon fritters, salmon kabob..." Even camping in Minnesota, one of my favorite things is to make pan-fried fish fresh from the lake for breakfast. "Salmon omelettes, salmon crepes, poached salmon..."

Email: Virtual communication [EH]

I know communicating by email (or other virtual forms) can be hard for some people to adjust to, but not for me (which is perhaps why I've worked in technology communications forever). It is no substitute for being together face to face, but it is a stopgap (just like letters and phone calls) until [such times].

Email: Netflix Support

Title request: Los Olvidados (1950)

Email: Men are scum [EH]

So the man was scum! It's sad how I find it best to advise women to assume men are scum until proven (not just persuaded) otherwise, but I hate being part of the population that I am saying should be so assumed.

Rather than rush (as only desperate persons do), [it's best to] find the right time -- [for those who] want [it] to work!