Saturday, August 09, 2008

Press: A trip to English shrine is a journey through history - HC

A trip to English shrine is a journey through history - Houston Chronicle:

"The shrine [to Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk, England] was founded in 1061 by Richeldis de Faverches, a Saxon noblewoman and widow with a young son. It was a time of great interest in pilgrimages to the Holy Land, a trip Richeldis would never make.

According to legend, she was deeply devoted to God and Mary and had a reputation for good works. As a reward, Mary appeared to Richeldis in several visions, showing her the house in Nazareth where Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus. Richeldis was told to build an exact replica."

Press: A bit of England in Texas - HC

A bit of England in Texas - Houston Chronicle: "The current parish church, built in 2003 and covered in Texas split limestone, replicates the medieval flint churches of Norfolk, England. Inside, it contains a replica of the Walsingham Holy House. The Houston Holy House was 'built in the Tudor style, like a half-timbered house, with a hammer beam roof,' Noble said. 'This is the Nazareth for Texas according to Our Lady's dimensions.'"

(My parish, Our Lady of Walsingham!)

Email: Single and beyond [EH]

Those single or dating think it's better when a friend has become committed or engaged or married (and with the right person it is) but looking beyond that milestone will reveal that the terrain gets even more demanding than when single or dating.