Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Language: A company is an it not a they

A company is singular. Perhaps it could be considered a collective plural (somewhat like how data can be considered a collective singular) but that's semantically a colloquial sense. People say it (like "there's three reasons" [or "IBM announced their earnings"]) but we oughtn't write it.

Media: TV - Peabody's Improbable History

Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Peabody's Improbable History: "Ted Key, the cartoonist behind Hazel, whose brother Leonard worked with Jay Ward, is credited with having created Peabody. [... I]t owed quite a bit to a series of vignettes that appeared in the 1950s and '60s in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. 'Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot', by 'Grendel Briarton' (a pseudonym — and anagram — of author Reginald Bretnor) placed its eponymous hero in a wide variety of historical and science-fictional settings, usually as an excuse to deliver a pun at the end. Take away the futuristic settings and add a dog and his boy, and Feghoot becomes Peabody."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Email: Soulmates are special [DC]

We only need one soulmate!

Email: Soulmates are special [RH]

I think the definition of soulmate is someone who seems especially predestined to be compatible with you, not anyone off the street that you work hard to become compatible with. (You should work hard anyway, but a soulmate would make it more fun -- like running for the finish line from the middle of the track instead of the start, or far behind the start.)

Web: Rice University Neologisms Database

Words: theard [RUND]

(From the Rice University Neologisms Database)

Theard v.
Term used to describe confusion about comments; shows that misinterpretations have occurred. Formed by blending.
[Blend between thought and heard]
"I theard something you said." -Conversation with friends, on Sat Oct 2, 2004
Theard is used when clarification is needed in a situation. Also, theard is concise, and to the point. When “theard” is used by the listener, the speaker comes to understand that their message is not getting across.

Poetry: Theard vs. Weard

(Beowulf's Heofon ricet Theard differs from Caedmon's Heofon rices Weard.)

Crist waer a cennijd
Cyninga wuldor
On midne winter:
Maere theoden!
Ece almihtig!
On thij eahteothan daeg
Hael end gehaten
Heofon ricet theard.

Christ was born
King of glory
In mid-winter:
Illustrious King!
Eternal, Almighty!
On the eighth day
Saviour was called,
Of Heaven’s kingdom ruler.
Nu sculon herian heofon-rices Weard,
Metodes meahta and his mod-gethanc,
weorc Wuldor-Faeder, swa he wundra gehwaes,
ece Dryhten, or astealda.
He aerest scop ielda bearnum
heofon to hrofe, halig Scieppend;
tha middan-geard mann-cynnes Weard,
ece Dryhten, aefter teodefirum
foldan Frea aelmihtig.

Now we must praise the Guardian of the kingdom of heaven,
the strength of the measurer and the way of his thoughts,
the work of the Glorious Father as he made every wonder,
Everlasting Lord. He established the beginning,
creating first the children of men,
heaven to roof them, Holy Creator,
the Guardian of middle-earth and mankind,
Everlasting Lord, afterwards He prepared
the earth for men, God Almighty.

Humor: Our Lady of the Perpetual Podcast Catholic Church

Monday, September 25, 2006

Quotes: The cure for loneliness (A.M. Lindbergh)

"The cure for loneliness is solitude." -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh