Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Press: Study says movies skew relationship views - WP

Study says movies skew relationship views - The Washington Post:

"His team found that fans of the [romance-comedy movie] genre are more inclined to think that a partner should be able to meet their emotional and physical needs instinctively, without them ever articulating those needs.

The team also studied the content of the 40 most-watched recent rom-coms and found common themes. From the start, big-screen couples have trust and attachment bonds that take us mere humans years to develop. They quickly gloss over such transgressions as lying and cheating. They are deeply, quickly enthralled with each other, while married couples in the same films are usually portrayed as bickering and loveless.

“That’s a very interesting contrast to reality,” Holmes says."

Quotes: "When forced to choose between two evils" (M. West)

"When forced to choose between two evils, I tend to go for the one I've never tried." -- Mae West