Saturday, October 27, 2007

Press: What will the best-dressed pets wear on Halloween? - HC

Weather: Here's to perfect weather!

All week it has been clear-blue skies in Houston and 48 degrees F in the morning with fluffy clouds and 68 degrees in the evening. Perfect dog-walking weather!

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Title request: Dead Pet (1999)

Friday, October 26, 2007

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Title request: Chicks, Man (1999)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

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Title request: Tales from the Darkside (1984), Seasons 1-4

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trivia: That's *my* bee-yotch!

As rappers and other socially insecure poseurs say, "That's *my* bee-yotch!"
Well, the only way I would ever safely say anything like that is referring to Molley, my canine-American of the female persuasion.

Relationships: Men's two core motives

I realized last March what a man's two core motives often are when approaching a woman, I am sad to say: Either he thinks she is the hottest babe around so he deserves her (pride) to be his sugar baby or he thinks she is less than the hottest babe (even slightly frumpy) so she will be grateful for his affections (laziness) and be his sugar mama. Either way, he is objectifying her but in the second case he actually chooses her because he disrespects her and thinks he recognizes his low self esteem in her.

The key is not for a man to choose a woman to boost or to salve his own ego but to see and appreciate her for who she really is. As always, of course, honesty and mutual respect are pivotal in determining true compatibility.

Languages: genootschap

Society, association (Dutch).

Say it out loud: ge-NOOT-shap. Fun!

Germanically and etymologically speaking, it breaks down in English to something like ye-MOOT-ship.

Trivia: Cityguide boo! Audio & Video Plus hurray!

I realized Tuesday that, due to my not watching Bicentennial Man as promptly as planned, Netflix was not going to ship me High Noon in time for a planned Wednesday night viewing. I checked with but they needed an extra day too. I then checked the inventory at every Blockbuster store (15) in the Houston metro area. Not one Blockbuster store carries what many regard as the quintessential Western movie! Nor do any of the three Hollywood Video stores in the metro area.
So I checked online for every video store within a reasonable distance. MSN Cityguide listed 17 businesses. A full 15 of them no longer exist. Cityguide's information is woefully outdated almost every time I use it. Grr!
Of the two places still in business, one suggested trying Audio and Video Plus in the Montrose area. It's off the technology radar screen with no Web site or computerized inventory at all, but it carries 80,000 movies in VCR and DVD format. (Whatever technology works, is my motto.) It apparently has the only copy of High Noon in the city of Houston, which is now sitting one foot to my right for a viewing tonight. Check them out! If you can't find something, call 713-526-9065 and they'll tell you if they have it. I bet they will.
I'm going to submit my list of 100 or so titles that Netflix and Blockbuster don't list -- not counting the many titles Netflix lists but doesn't stock yet (when the Add button says Save instead) or anymore (when the Add button says Unavailable).
If anyone has an idea for cajoling the producers of TV shows we love to put their stuff on DVD or online, please drop a line.

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Title request: Distant Drums (1951)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Title request: A Grand Day Out with Wallace & Gromit (1989)

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Title request: Wallace & Gromit in the Wrong Trousers (1993)

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Title request: The Morph Files (1995)

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Title request: Wallace & Grommit in a Close Shave (1995)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Email: Decent men [EH]

You're right that only the truly decent men will wait till marriage. They are very conservative so the very most decent. It is a mixed message to engage in the marital act with someone you are not married to. It's very hard for even the most scrupled person to manage one's libido. My only point is that each partner in each couple needs to make conscious decisions about how to act (where to draw the line) because it's difficult to deny one's physicality and it's counterproductive to "just say no" without understanding why. The right behavior is one goal, but doing the right thing for the right reasons is what God truly wants.

Email: Jeans to tux [EH]

Why do women always say their ideal is a man who can go from blue jeans to a tux? What man ever thinks like that (in terms of being a clotheshorse)? What man ever does that? What man ever rents a tux for anything but his wedding -- and even then only because he must -- much less owns one so he can "pop into" a tux (as if he goes to such events often)? The only men who need a tux to attend a gala as a planning committee chair or a VIP are doctors and lawyers, as a rule. Am I wrong?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Title request: W.R.--Misterije organizma (WR: Mysteries of the Organism) (1971)

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Title request: Il Deserto Rosso (The Red Desert) (1964)